Sunday, June 3, 2007


I will write a longer entry soon.. Internet access has been pretty spotty in Malaba, so I need to just write in on my computer and transfer it when internet/electricity decides to be stable. We reunited this weekend with the other group in Nakuru, the 4th largest city in Kenya and a helluvalot more happening than Malaba. The bus ride there was super bumpy, and the 6 hour bus ride departing at midnight tonight should make us in fine form for work tomorrow morning. Nakuru was great though, finally some good meals and a guy from Nakuru, Dennis, took us around the whole time. Last night we bar hopped and wound up at "Dimples" disco, though we were too tired to last much past 1 am. I did get to meet a Kenya rap supastar who was performing at one of the discos. And I do enjoy riding home from the disco on the back of a boda-boda (bicycle taxi, main transport in many kenyan towns), I think there is potential for NYC. Today we walked 8 km to a gorgeous crater, the second biggest either in the world or the continent, after Ngoragora crater which i had visited in Tanzania. It was pretty warm, but great to move my legs and get a break from the motorbike riding we do all day at work. Theres a lot more to offer in Nakuru as far as shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc, but I'm still pumped to get back to Malaba. Ok this is an extraordinarily boring post so I'm going to stop and gather my thoughts not while at an internet cafe...

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